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Sunraysia Solar Maintenance provides a full range of maintenance solutions to maximise the life and profitability of solar PV assets.


Utility Scale PV Panel Cleaning

PV cleaning removes all dirt from the photovoltaic systems allowing maximum output efficiency.

Our machinery features telescoping arms, brushes and high pressure water capability to provide a premium cleaning solution.

Drone Thermography

Drone Thermography can be used to assess hot spots on cells, dirty or broken modules, diode failures and hot spots.

Regularly scheduled drone fly overs are an inexpensive way to have peace of mind, and catch any issues early on.

Grounds Maintenance

We provide a full range of general site maintenance options, including mowing and weeding.

We can recommend the appropriate maintenance plan, tailored to your specific site requirements.

Solar panels with dust and debris can be 25% less efficient if not regularly maintained.


Our aim is to bring state of the art equipment to the local region, to provide a world-class, efficient and reliable maintenance service for solar farm operators.

Sunraysia personnel all operate under a competency assessment and training program prior to commencing work on a project, including site specific inductions, risk assessments, SWMS and HSE policy familiarisation.

We have established Sunryasia Solar Maintenance specifically to service the Sunraysia region and is based in Mildura using a local Mildura workforce.

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